Keen to aid their development and growth potential in 2017, MJ Experia Marketing is planning to attend a number of exciting industry events which will cover the steps needed to build a strong brand both in person and online.

On the 27th of January 2017, MJ Experia Marketing will find themselves at the start of a 2-day industry conference in London hosted at the Hilton Bankside Hotel, which is the first of many exciting events the firm will be attending throughout the coming months. The Hilton Bankside is a luxurious 5-star rated hotel found in the heart of London’s Southbank. As well as offering a wide variety of facilities such as event rooms for up to 750 guests and over 290 rooms for those looking to spend the night, the venue is also close to some of London’s most iconic sights, such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

In such a fast-paced industry, events such as this are vital to the development and progression of business owners. Those who are attending the event, such as MJ Experia Marketing’s Managing Director, Matt Wassall, will be provided with the opportunity to learn from those talking at the event and will be able to expand their networks by connecting with others.

This particular event will cover various topics, such as how to recruit online, building a personal brand as well as a business brand, and how to personalise these. Although those attending the event have similar interests, the way in which each firm will tackle such problems will vary, the talks will be discussing the importance of each of these and the ways in which they can be achieved. Building an online brand for both the personal and business aspects is vital, it provides any business with credibility and authenticity. Personalising these brands means that they will be able to attract more engagement and reach a larger number of people. Through these methods, more traffic will be directed towards the website for recruitment. MJ Experia Marketing will be able to build their knowledge on how to do this at the event.

As well as the London-based event, MJ Experia Marketing will also be attending an exciting Leaders Meeting on the 12th of February which is being hosted at the Old Trafford Cricket Centre in Manchester. This venue provides a larger capacity, so with space for over 1500 attendees, the event will provide extensive networking opportunities for all of those involved.

Being an event for industry leaders and having such a large quantity of people attending, this particular event will provide Managing Directors, such as Matt Wassall of MJ Experia Marketing, the chance to expand their network even further and use these new found business contacts to their advantage in the future. The importance of networking at such events is that it provides the firm with the opportunity to mix with industry leaders, not only to promote their business but to promote themselves and to put the knowledge from the previous event into action, building their brands.

Networking is important in all industries. Matt Wassall explains that “Sometimes, it isn’t what you know, but who you know. By knowing more people, you will, in turn, provide yourself with the opportunity to gain more knowledge and use these connections to your advantage when the time comes.” Business development relies on networking as impressing industry leaders and increasing the number of these contacts will provide the firm with future opportunities that they would not otherwise have been able to gain.

MJ Experia Marketing is a sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham which prides themselves on being able to offer a high level of customer acquisition and brand awareness through their effective marketing campaigns. By providing the services, they offer, the firm has managed to succeed in their client growth and is looking to kick-start the New Year with the opportunity to grow even further.