MJ Experia Marketing’s Matt Wassall recently offered his development advice to some young leaders at a new leadership seminar.  

Personal development can take place in many areas, dependent on current career position, varying platforms can hold influence. Matt Wassall of MJ Experia Marketing is committed to developing up and coming entrepreneurs, by sharing his experiences and guiding them to success through mentoring. As Mr Wassall has demonstrated his ability as a public speaker and motivator, his invitations to conferences and seminars have increased dramatically. February saw an industry specific conference centred on developing entrepreneurial skills in the early stages of a career; Matt Wassall was honoured to be invited to the seminar as a guest speaker.

The event was held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex, more commonly known as Manchester Central. The conference and exhibition centre was previously the Central railway station for the City. The impressive building was designed by Sir John Fowler, who incorporated a cutting edge 64-meter arch, its impressive features allowed the building to achieve Grade 2 listed building status in 1963. Nowadays it is a popular location for concerts, conferences and exhibitions due to its great history and beautiful interiors and vast floor space.

During the conference, delegates had the opportunity to attend a meet and greet welcoming, specific topics that linked to leadership and developing a successful team and extensive networking opportunities. Matt Wassall is passionate about nurturing fresh talent, as he is confident his career was accelerated by the support system he developed throughout his early career in sales and marketing. He feels he should contribute his experience and offer guidance to others to improve future business opportunities in the future.

MJ Experia Marketing is a sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham which prides themselves on being able to offer a high level of customer acquisition and brand awareness through their effective marketing campaigns. By providing the services, they offer, the firm has managed to succeed in their client growth and is looking to continue 2017 with the success it has so far brought. Matt Wassall is keen for young entrepreneurs to have the same opportunity he had to grow even further.

MJ Experia Marketing is proud of their business development opportunity; they are confident their free mentoring service will develop a brighter UK economy, and they will strive to improve opportunities for personal growth throughout 2017.