Successful CEO of MJ Experia Marketing, Matt Wassall has funded an exciting fashion event which will demonstrate the talent of young designers. Here, the business owner shares why he is so passionate about investing in the success of others.

Last Saturday 4th March, a fashion event funded by MJ Experia Marketing took place with a special guest performance and ticket only after party. The fashion show was showcasing the talent of young designers. CEO of MJ Experia Marketing, Matt Wassall is passionate about investing in the success of others, especially young people, which is why he was so delighted to fund the event.

I have an interest in fashion, so I was excited to see what the talented young designers would produce,” said Matt Wassall. “It was so great to see the talents of youth being shown to others. I believe that it is important to invest in the future of the next generation because they are the future,” added Matt Wassall.

The business owner is particularly passionate about supporting and investing in the success of others because he had mentors that did the same for him. He believes that business mentoring can help strengthen a person’s business and entrepreneurial skills. Mentors are precious in helping a new business get started, and they can also be vital in contributing to overcoming challenges along the way.

The successful CEO offers a business development opportunity for individuals in his own firm, MJ Experia Marketing. The opportunity offers hands-on sales and marketing development to individuals looking to develop and further their careers. Upon completion of the opportunity, the entrepreneurs are mentored to administer the sales and marketing campaign on behalf of their client into a brand new target market; helping ambitious entrepreneurs get the support needed to succeed in running their own business.

Matt Wassall believes that entrepreneurship is essential for social and economic change because innovations created from successful entrepreneurs can improve standards of living, create jobs and wealth, all needed for a prosperous society. The business owner adds that it is vital for current entrepreneurs to do all they can to support up-and-coming talent!

MJ Experia Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm located in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre. The company specialises in a unique form of direct marketing, which allows them to manage and implement personalised marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients’ brands.